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Fave links

This is a selection of the best links. If you would like to exchange links, please send an email or post on our guestbook. Always happy to meet new people.

Programming Languages and Tools

Processing - language and development environment for sketching in code

P5JS - Processing rewritten to be javascript-native to code directly for the web

Scratch - beginner-friendly programming languge with snap-together code bricks. Web tool.

Twine - beginner-friendly tool for making interactive branching stories. Web tool.

LOGO - largely defunct but historically interesting beginner-friendly programming tool. Influenced Scratch.


Luis Queral

Timothy Optional B

My Name Is Lee

The Jason Hsu



The Hacktory - Philadelphia-based Makerspace

School For Poetic Computation - NYC-based creative coding artist-run school

Babycastles - NYC-based collectively-organized gallery and space dedicated to experimental artist-designed games

UCLA Gamelab - UCLA's experimental research and development lab that fosters the production of computer games and game-related research

Vector Festival - Toronto festival bridging digital games and the larger worlds of new media art practice

Different Games - Dedicated to inclusive games events and community resources

Facets - An interdisciplinary creative coding, interactive art, and videogames un-conference.

Transfer Gallery - Brooklyn gallery that presents new media works

Eyebeam - Non-profit art and technology research center in Brooklyn

Dames Making Games - Toronto-based org dedicated to supporting women in making and playing new games

DIY Videogames

You must play and make videogames. Yes, even you. They're good for you.

Glorious Trainwrecks - The definitive site dedicated to making DIY games in less than 2hrs.

Anna Anthropy - Game maker and author of Rise Of The Videogame Zinesters

Annarchive - Anna Anthropy's archive of collected game media, digital archeaology, and artifacts

ZZT Heaven - A site dedicated to the mid-90s game and tool ZZT

Fun Stuff

Ash Grey Sea Foam - An internet breath of fresh air

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